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how to get rid of spider veins with Asclera at Cumberland Skin

How to Get Rid of Spider Veins with Asclera

Are you frustrated with the look and feel of spider veins? You’re not alone. With an estimated 30 to 50 percent of the adult population suffering from this venous disease, spider veins are one of the most common conditions we diagnose and treat at Cumberland Skin. 

Our board-certified dermatologists are passionate about helping individuals feel more confident and comfortable in their skin with Asclera, a spider vein treatment that effectively diminishes the appearance of visible leg veins. 

Read our helpful guide below to find out more about leg veins and how we treat spider veins with Asclera at our dermatology clinics in Central Tennessee. 


What are Spider Veins? 

Spider veins are a common vein condition caused by compromised blood vessels that have weak vascular walls and inefficient blood circulation. Spider veins appear superficially on the skin as small, enlarged blood vessels, which may be red or blue colored. 

They most commonly occur on the legs, but may also show up on other parts of the body, including the face. Spider veins often look like dilated blood vessels that take on a “sunburst” pattern of short, unconnected lines. However, they may also look similar to a tree branch or spider web. 


What is Asclera? 

At Cumberland Skin, our board-certified dermatologists use the popular brand, Asclera, to treat spider veins at our clinics in Lebanon, Hermitage, and Hendersonville. Asclera is an FDA-approved injection medication that is used around the United States and Europe to address uncomplicated spider veins and small varicose veins in the legs. 

Furthermore, Asclera is safe, effortlessly effective, and high quality. Plus, it’s backed by our board-certified dermatologists who are passionate about helping individuals feel more confident in their skin by addressing unwanted spider veins


How Does Asclera Treat Spider Veins? 

Asclera is the specific brand of sclerosing solution used in our sclerotherapy treatment at Cumberland Skin. During sclerotherapy, an experienced provider injects the Asclera solution directly into visible blood vessels with a very fine needle. 

The solution damages the endothelium, better known as the cell lining of blood vessels, causing it to swell and harden. This effectively stops blood flow through that specific vessel, forcing the blood to then reroute to healthier vessels nearby. 

Following the procedure, the treated vessel collapses and turns to scar tissue. In the months afterward, it is reabsorbed into nearby tissue and disappears completely. 


What are the Benefits of Spider Vein Removal with Asclera? 

Our dermatologists recommend Asclera as a spider vein treatment because it boasts several benefits. These include: 

  • FDA-approval specifically for treating and minimizing the appearance of uncomplicated leg veins. 
  • Highest purity and quality formula for maximum effectiveness. 
  • Less discomfort compared to other spider vein treatment methods, as the Asclera formula includes a mild anesthetic. 
  • Long-standing history of use to treat visible leg veins. (Asclera has been used in Europe for over 50 years.)
  • High satisfaction rates among individuals who have chosen Asclera to treat spider veins and achieve clearer, smoother legs. 


Choose Cumberland Skin for Asclera Spider Vein Treatment 

At Cumberland Skin, our board-certified providers are highly experienced in administering Asclera to treat and address leg veins. 

We deeply understand this popular treatment and can help you achieve smoother, clearer legs that are free of visible spider veins! If you’re ready to learn more about Asclera as a spider vein treatment, reach out to one of our clinics. We’re conveniently located in three locations across Tennessee — Lebanon, Hermitage, and Hendersonville


Expert Dermatology Solutions in Lebanon, Hermitage, and Hendersonville, Tennessee 

If you’re interested in learning more about sclerotherapy and Asclera, or would like to schedule a consultation, the expert team of board-certified dermatologists at Cumberland Skin is here to help. With offices in Hermitage, Lebanon, Brentwood, and Hendersonville, Tennessee, we’re your destination for high-caliber skincare. Visit our website or give us a call today at 615-449-5771.

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