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Choose between Botox and fillers at Cumberland Dermatology.

Botox or Fillers: Which is the Right Choice for You?

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic procedure for refreshing your face, many people feel torn between Botox and a filler like Juvederm. Both claim to recapture your youth and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, so how should you decide between them?

Below, we’ll explore the main promises and critical differences between Botox and Juvederm fillers so you can make a choice.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is a mild neurotoxin that works to temporarily immobilize muscle movement in your face. When Botox is injected into these muscles, it minimizes their ability to move and leaves you with smoother skin. The goal is to reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles that occur when you smile or scrunch up your forehead.

When you first consider Botox, you will have an initial consultation with a dermatologist to discuss your areas of concern, what your goals are, and what your budget is. From there, your dermatologist will work with you to create a treatment plan.

Once you commit, receiving Botox is quick and easy. Expect each injection to take between five to ten minutes, and you won’t need any numbing agents beforehand. Some research suggests that having Botox frequently improves the elasticity of your skin so that you require fewer treatments over time.

Botox is best for: Those bothered by the appearance of wrinkles.

When to start Botox: Once you start seeing fine lines when you aren’t moving your face

How long does Botox last? 3-6 months

How Do Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, are injected into the skin to replace lost volume and smooth any facial lines. Most contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that your body creates naturally. Your levels go down as you age, which can cause your face to lose volume.

Fillers work to literally ‘fill in the gaps’ so that your face retains its original plumpness, and they can also be used to enhance what you have naturally.

Patients considering dermal fillers will have a consultation similar to what we described with Botox. A dermatologist will help you determine your primary areas of concern, treatment goals, and budget.

Once it’s time for treatment, you can expect to undergo several sessions before achieving the desired results. Expect to be numbed at the injection site thirty minutes before treatment. The procedure itself should take between 10-30 minutes, depending on how much of your skin you are treating.

You might experience some bruising and swelling immediately after—this should disappear within a week.

Fillers are best for: Patients that want to restore volume and youthfulness to their face

When to start fillers: When you identify a part of your face you want to lift or plump up, such as your lips, cheekbones, or the lines between your nose and mouth.

How long do fillers last? 9-12 months

Address the Signs of Aging at Cumberland Dermatology

Botox and fillers are different yet complementary procedures. While both are injectable treatments, Botox aims to reduce wrinkles while fillers restore lost volume and can help you shape physical features to your preferences. Many people choose to undergo both, and this might be the right option for you.

If you live near Lebanon, Hermitage, Hendersonville, or Brentwood, Tennessee, consider making an appointment at Cumberland Dermatology. Our board-certified skincare experts are ready to help you understand your options and advise you towards the best treatments for achieving your goals.

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