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Make Sure Your Skincare Routine Involves a Facial Cleanser!

When we think of taking care of our health, we think about exercising on a regular basis, getting enough sleep, eating the right foods and more. However, we don’t always think about how we can take steps to improve the health of our skin.

Our team at Cumberland Skin Surgery and Dermatology wants you to learn how you can take care of your skin by establishing a regular skin care routine that involves a high-quality facial cleanser.

Why Do I Need Facial Cleanser?

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. On a daily basis, our skin sheds itself. Therefore, the healthy skin you are enjoying today might be replaced with dull skin tomorrow. As with any organ, in order for health to be maintained, it needs to be cared for daily.

If you haven’t already started a skin care routine, or you need to make some adjustments, our team at Cumberland Skin Surgery and Dermatology is here to help you establish a consistent skin care routine so that you can maintain your skin’s health and enjoy that healthy glow for years to come!

Your Skin Care Routine Starts in the Morning…

There are a number of skin types out there. Depending on your skin type, you may need more or less care when coming up with a skin care routine that fits your needs.

However, no matter what type of skin you have, getting to the basics of skin care can help get your started in figuring out the skin care routine that is right for you.

For starters, your skin care routine should begin as soon as you wake-up in the morning.

You want to make sure you:

When it comes to a good facial cleanser, you might find it beneficial to speak with a knowledgeable dermatologist, as he or she can lend recommendations for the best cleanser for your skin type.

As a general rule:

  • For dry skin: Cream cleansers provide much-needed nourishment to the skin.
  • Acne-prone, oily skin: A gel cleanser will remove oil and bacteria from the skin.
  • Combination skin: A very gentle cleanser will keep skin clean and calm.

Your skin type should dictate how you cleanse; you should pick a cleanser that works for your skin — not against it.

… And Continues at Night

Of course, while a morning skin care routine is important, so is a nighttime routine.

Before heading to bed for the night, you want to make sure you:

  • Cleanse (especially if you’re wearing make-up or worked out)
  • Apply a nighttime cream to help keep skin hydrated

During the day, your skin’s pores are at-risk of clogging due to dirt, oils, make-up, etc. Therefore, it is important to repeat your morning routine of cleansing and moisturizing your skin before bed to ensure your skin gets a fresh start in the morning, too!


Take Your Skincare to the Next Level

After you’ve established a basic skincare routine, it’s time to take it to the next level! Consider adding extras, such as:

Want to discuss how to create the perfect simple, effective skincare routine for you? Get in touch with our skincare-obsessed team today!


Learn about ways to promote healthier skin with Cumberland Skin in Tennessee.

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