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Hair Loss: How to Prevent and Treat It

Hair loss affects a wide portion of the general population. Though one would think that hair loss is something that males encounter more, women are nearly as likely to lose, or have thinning hair. 

There is no one answer for why someone may begin to suddenly lose hair, given that there are several reasons a person could be experiencing hair loss. For instance, hair loss could be due to stress, a change in diet, genetics, pregnancy, age, or an underlying illness. 

The majority of men and women may experience a thinning of hair beginning in their 30s and 40s. In most cases, this is just part of the aging process. Although, in some instances, hair loss can be linked to an underlying issue.

When you first notice a loss of hair, it’s important not to panic. It’s very common and usually not a threat to your overall health, yet still important to get it checked out nonetheless. In this article, we will explore a brief overview of the different causes of hair loss, treatments, as well as how to prevent it. 


What Causes Hair Loss?

For starters, it’s important to note that, according to the American Academy of Dermatologists, it’s normal hair shedding anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day.

Noticing some hair in the shower or a few strands falling out when running a brush through it, is not a reason to be concerned. However, if you begin to develop bald spots or begin to lose an amount of hair that is outside of your norm, it may be time to visit your primary care physician or dermatologist for a quick check-up. 

As mentioned above, there’s a number of reasons for hair loss. As we get older, it’s normal for our hair to not be as vibrant and flourishing as it once was. 

Though it can be a scary feeling to look down and notice a clump of hair has suddenly fallen out, it doesn’t always mean there’s a serious medical issue unfolding. Instead of self- diagnosing, and allowing your mind to wander, it’s best to just get it checked out! 

Whether you’re losing hair due to age, stress, diet, or illness, your doctor will guide you in the right direction in terms of treatment; which will ultimately give you peace of mind.


Ways You Can Treat Hair Loss 

When it comes to treating hair loss, it widely depends on the reason behind it. If your hair loss is caused by an underlying disease, treatment for that disease will be necessary. 

After meeting with your primary physician or dermatologist to uncover the reasoning, they will then go over hair loss treatment options which may include surgery to promote hair growth, laser therapy, medication, PRP for hair loss, and/or developing a healthy hair care routine


Hair Transplant Surgery 

Hair transplant surgery is one treatment option that can help preserve the hair that you have left. During a hair transplant procedure, a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon removes tiny patches of skin, each containing one to several hairs, from the back or side of your scalp. This can be an extreme treatment, and would only be recommended if your doctor feels it could be last resort. 


Other Treatments 

Less intense treatments such as medication and home remedies can also be a solution to a hair loss problem. After visiting with your doctor, and uncovering why you are losing hair, they will then put you on a treatment plan that they believe will work best for your situation. 


How To Help Prevent Hair Loss

Some hair loss over time as you age is inevitable, but there are healthy ways that you can possibly prevent losing hair in large amounts. 

Dermatologist suggests keeping a good amount of protein in your diet. Hair follicles are made mostly of a protein called keratin. While researchers note that more studies are needed, eating a protein-rich diet may help prevent hair loss. 

Keeping an eye on your diet, drinking enough water, and trying to reduce stress are other beneficial ways to reduce the amount of hair you lose. These are also helpful ways to take care of your overall health in its entirety. 


Still Have Questions on Hair Loss? 

If you still have questions pertaining to hair loss, please schedule an appointment at Cumberland Dermatology today where we would be happy to help! 


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